Call for Contributions: Blog Series on ‘Learning and literacies in young people’s everyday lives’

Learning and literacies in young people’s everyday lives: A blog series

Young people are navigating an increasingly complex world. They face intersecting crises such as the climate crisis, rising unemployment, deepening inequalities and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, young people are often also at the forefront in responding to these issues in many communities – learning various repertoires of social action that constantly change. Against the backdrop of ceaseless flow of information, young people need to sift through a multitude of information both in ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media.

BALID is curating a blog series to explore the role that learning (particularly informal learning) and literacies play in young people’s lives (beyond formal schooling), livelihoods and social action. The series hopes to feature young people’s work and ideas, inspire intergenerational conversation and become the basis for future action / research in these areas. We invite academics, practitioners, youth-involving organisations, activists and young people themselves to join us in conversation around the broad theme above and/or to explore the following questions:

  • What sorts of learning occur when people engage in their daily activities online and offline (e.g. at home and in their wider community)?
  • What kinds of knowledge do young people have and value? And, in turn, what are some of the best practices or programmes that value young people’s knowledge and skills?
  • How do young people use texts, words and other forms of literacies in their everyday lives and in engaging with issues that are important to them?

If interested, please email Yeonhee Sun ( or Chris Millora ( with a brief description on what you plan to write. We welcome various blog formats such as video-based, animations, conversations and others. BALID blogs are around 750 words long and include 2-3 photos/visual media.