ILDs 2011-2013

ILD 13:  Literacy and Learning for Development: reflections o policy-focused research, led by Professor Anna Robinson-Pant of the University of East Anglia. (November 2013)

ILD 12: Community Transformation through Literacy and Numeracy Education, led by Nicola Lawrence of the Mothers’ Union. (October 2013)

ILD 11: Books Change Lives, led by Alison Hubert and Jill Haynes of Book Aid International.  Click here for a flyer which gives an introduction to the work of Book Aid International. (September 2013)

ILD 10 Numeracy – Greater impact on people’s lives than literacy? led by Dave Baker. Dave also shared his forthcoming publication Using sand to count their number: developing teachers’ cultural and social sensitivities. (July 2013)

ILD 9: Empowering non-literate rural women in Pakistan led by Mirza Moqeem Baid, Executive Director of Pakistan’s National Rural Development Programme (NRDP). Click here for the report.  (June 2013)

ILD 8: The LETTER programme, led by Professor Alan Rogers and Professor Brian Street. Click here for the report. (May 2013)

ILD 7: East Timor 1974/5: Decolonisation, a nation-in-waiting and a Freire-inspired adult literacy campaign led by Estêvão Cabral, University of Tilburg and Marilyn Martin-Jones, University of Birmingham.  See summary, full paper and powerpoint presentation. (February 2013)

ILD 6: Literacy Publishing  led by Dr Mary Anderson. Click here for the report. (November 2012)

ILD 5: ILD 5 Hidden Literacies led by Dr. Rafat Nabi. Click here for Rafat’s profile and a summary of the session. Rafat’s powerpoint presentation included powerful examples of the hidden literacies of individuals and the ways they extended their literacy and numeracy activities. Dr Rafat also presented on Women in Literacy at the Institute of Education in London in December 2012. Click here for details. (October 2012)

ILD 4: Literacy and health led by Dr. Kirsten McCaffery, Associate Professor at the School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney. A summary of the session is available here along with some definitions of health literacy. Dr. McCaffery has recently co-authored a literature review of health literacy  for the NSW, Clinical Excellence Commission, Australia. (July 2012)

ILD 3: Schooling and Family Literacy: The overall theme of this discussion was schooling and family literacy: the role of parents in supporting mother tongue-based multi-lingual education programmes. This was led by three specialists from the SIL literacy team: Barbara Graham (SIL mother-tongue education specialist, Kenya), Karla Smith (senior literacy and education consultant, Malaysia) and Catherine Young (senior literacy and education consultant, The Philippines). Catherine’s paper is entitled Community Involvement in Planning and Implementing Local Education Programmes. (May 2012)

ILD 2: Transferable Literacies: to what extent do literacy practices taught as social practices result in transferable literacy skills? led by Dr Ian Cheffy of SIL (December 2011).

ILD 1: Literacy – Unfashionable and Unfundable: led by Dr Katy Newell-Jones of Feed the Minds, UK. Click here for a summary of the discussion. (October 2011)

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