BALID aims to exchange relevant experience and research findings to those working in adult literacy and numeracy programmes.

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Everyday Literacies in Africa:
Ethnographic Studies of Literacy and Numeracy Practices in Ethiopia

A review of youth and adult literacy policies and programmes in selected countries: lessons for mainstreaming literacy in the EFA agenda


Global Monitoring Report, 2010


Country papers: (Word documents unless stated)

Benin - Diarra Mahamadou

Brazil - Francisca Izabel Pereira Maciel, Delaine Cafiero Bicalho, Maria Lucia Castanheira

India - Malini Ghose

Mexico (Policy) - Raul Valdes Cotera

Mexico (Case study) - Erika Mein

Morocco - Dan Wagner

South Africa - John Aichison (pdf)


Case studies:

Reflect - Jude Fransman

LETTER - Alan Rogers and Brian Street

These papers were all commissioned by UNESCO as part of the Global Monitoring Report 2010 process.


Literacy reports

The following reports and papers may be relevant to those working in adult literacy and numeracy programmes.

Family Literacy in England
Peter Hannon and Greg Brooks, University of Sheffield, England
Viv Bird, National Literacy Trust, England

Family Literacy in South Africa
Some examples

Family Literacy in Turkey
Sevda Bekman, Bogaziši University

Family Literacy in Israel
Bringing Family Literacy into the Home
Miriam Westheimer

Family Literacy in Malta
An Effective Strategy for Enhanced Literacy, Parental Involvement and Lifelong Learning
Sandro Spiteri, Senior Executive, Foundation for Educational Services (FES)
Juan Camilleri, Technical Advisor to the FES on Family Literacy

Fresh hope for literacy: A critical reflection on Literacy for Life,
EFA Global Monitoring report - January 2006

Report on a Colloquium held at the British Council (Word document)

Appendix 2: GMR Powerpoint presentation
Appendix 3: Dan Wagner's Powerpoint presentation
Appendix 4: Digby Swift's Powerpoint presentation
Appendix 5: List of participants

BALID AGM and workshop, New Directions in Literacy and Development - 29 October 2005

UKFIET International Conference on Education and Livelihoods - Sept 2005
Issues arising from papers presented in the 'Literacy and Livelihood' strand.

Education: Creating Opportunity, Realising Potential
Presentation to the Commonwealth of Learning by Sir John Daniel (President and Chief Executive), May 2005.

Why Research Multiple Literacy Practices? - Brian Street (BALID), 2005

Adult Non-formal Education
Paper delivered by Adama Oane (Director, UNESCO Institute for Education), at the London Conference on Adult Non-formal Education in 2003.

Meeting report - Summer Meeting with the World Bank on Adult Non-formal Education, 2003

Non-formal and Adult Education: Coping in Conflict - Michael Brophy (Africa Educational Trust)

Case-Study - REFLECT in Malealea, Lesotho
Extract from 'Women are lions in dresses': Negotiating gender relations in REFLECT learning circles in Lesotho by Gillian Attwood, Jane Castle and Suzanne Smythe.

The SEIGYM Programme Somalia
Extract from Skills and Literacy Training for Better Livelihoods: A Review of Approaches and Experience. Oxenham, J. et al, The World Bank Africa Region, Washington DC 2002.

Towards Self Sustaining Local Learning Structures In Guinea-Conakry
Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association.

Case Study - Eastern Nepal

Simulation exercise used on the BALID Easter Vacation Course
Participants are asked to act as a Commission formed to look at issues related to Women and Basic Education in the fictional country of 'Terra'.

Literacy and international development: the next steps
A Position Paper by the UK Literacy Working Group